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We are manufacturer and Wholesaler of premium Gemstone Beads & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Gems Ocean is known among the connoisseurs of fine and rare gemstones and elegant pieces of jewelry. Gems Ocean stands for excellence, perfection and exceptional craftsmanship that has stood the test of time for nearly 5 decades and has resulted in the creation of exquisite jewelry and refined gems appreciated by discerning clients all over the world. Dedicated to perfection in quality and technique, Gems Ocean offers finest  gemstones and ornate jewelry in silver, gold and brass to retailers, collectors, designers and lovers of refined and intricate beauty.

Exclusive Stores

The unparalleled collection of  gemstones and beautiful jewelry of Gems Ocean is available in two stores located in the most charming cities of the world – New York and Hong Kong. The stores offer a vast panorama of  precious & semi precious gemstones and exclusive pieces of jewelry that meet the expectations and tastes of our esteemed clients. The intricate jewelry is made with the finest gems, silver and gold with high degree of precision and craftsmanship. Designers and clients can place their orders to get their own designs crafted under strict provision of maintaining privacy and exclusivity. Our passion for jewelry making goes hand in hand with our dedication to bring the most personal, efficient and high quality service.

Assurance of Authenticity

Mega Jewels the parent company of Gems Ocean in India with a workforce of more than 500 people sources raw materials direct from the mines  across the world. The entire process of sourcing, designing, manufacturing and marketing is done by the company itself, which helps in providing excellent service and quality to the customers. All gemstones are natural and 100% genuine coming with the Gems Ocean seal of authenticity and trust developed by years of excellence in the field. We can supply stones in all shapes, sizes and cuts in any quantities. We maintain huge stock of all stones for providing fast service to the customers. We have people who always keep the stones graded according to color, quality and cut to assure that the customers gets exactly what they want.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Gemstones represent the mysticism and beauty of life. This charm of nature is captured in their work by the highly skilled and experienced craftsmen at Mega Jewels,  located in Jaipur, the jewelry hub of the enchanting land of India. These masters create stunning pieces of art that can be treasured by generations to come. Each gemstone is carefully handled, cut and polished with patience, creativity and zeal by these artisans under trained eyes and expert supervision guaranteeing quality, accuracy and integrity.

Inputs of the right Quality, Delivered in the right Quantity, At the right Time, For the right Price.

Gems Ocean offers a large variety of gemstones,  silver, gold and brass jewelry, all embedded with expert craftsmanship from two factories associated with us, one for gemstones and the other for jewelry. Everything come with a seal of purity and promise of high quality from Gems Ocean. Undergoing stringent quality tests, each piece is analyzed for purity, size, weight and clarity and graded accordingly. With in-house processing of gemstones from uncut to perfectly refined pieces and jewelry, we ensure better control and quality for our customers who appreciate excellence.

Why Us

Gems Ocean has been in the field for more than four decades. Retaining its eminent presence with its precise and artistic skills, Gems Ocean is a regular participant of renowned Trade shows. These include the Tuscon Trade Shows, The Las Vegas Trade Shows and the Hong Kong Trade Show.  A prominent conglomerate of wholesalers, exhibitors, manufacturers and suppliers of unique gems and jewelry, these Trade shows are highly popular and bring together who’s-who of the industry. Our business is driven by ethics. We recognize our responsibility towards society. We ensure that all our operations- right from sourcing to selling are done honorably.

Since, all the selection and workmanship is done under trained eyes and expert supervision, one can always be assured of our Quality, Accuracy and Integrity.We offer an unparalleled customer experience and continue to grow our relations with discerning clients all over the globe.

Gems Ocean – Inspiring artistic excellence!

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