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Breathing Life into Your Design!


Jewelry is not just a precious piece, it is a feeling! Inspired by your creativity, it carries your narrative and signature. You can get your creative editorial style manifested into customized sterling silver jewelry 
pieces with gemstones just like you want them to be. Offering custom designs/development services, we help to convert your design into a professionally crafted piece of jewelry.
  • The process begins with you sharing with us your jewelry sketch or a CAD file (if you have one) on our email
  • If you do not have a CAD file, we convert it and share with you. With your approval, the piece will then be 3D printed as a wax model. The jewelry will be cast into the metal of your choice.
  • A sample is then created in order to get it approved by you. This whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks. Once the sample is approved the actual production starts.
  • We always make sure the CAD file and sample are approved before committing to production.

Your idea, our implementation!

Connect with the Universe with Gemstones cut to your choice!
Gemstones carry a mystic charm that is ethereal. Reflecting various shades of light, these stones inspire and invoke the senses connecting you to the vast Cosmos. All you need to do is place the order and share your requirements , Such as
  • In What Size (Width / Lengh / Thickness)
  • In Which Cut (Faceted / Smooth)
  • Where the Drill (Top / Bottom / Center) or
  • Any image / picture reference,
Once we receive the information, we will make and reply back to you final picture of your desired stone design.


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